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San Francisco Ice Cream Tasting Tours

San Francisco's Only Ice Cream Tasting Adventure

Explore with your own Ice Cream Tour Guide

Our San Francisco Ice Cream Tasting Tour takes you on a whimsical journey through 3 stops, with a dash of ice cream history, trivia, and silliness sprinkled in between.

This private group experience caters to 2 to 6 guests per vehicle. We prioritize quality over quantity but rest assured, you won’t leave with an empty stomach!

  • 2.5 Hours of Pure Ice Cream Delight
  • Visit 3 Diverse Ice Cream Parlors and Savor 2 to 4 Tastings at Each
  • Choose from Open Top Jeep or Festive Tuk Tuk
  • 2 to 6 Guests in each vehicle with your own Driver / Guide - A Private Small Group Tour

Plus: Fun Vehicle Choices

Open Top Jeeps or Festive Tuk Tuks
Vehicle: Open Top Jeep
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San Francisco Ice Cream Tasting Tour by Jeep

2.5 Hours
Umbrella Alley Fishermans Wharf

Picture this: you, in an open-top Jeep, cruising through San Francisco with your taste buds as your tour guides. You’re on a quest for the city’s most extraordinary ice cream, prepared to savor the unexpected. Our quirky ice cream tour promises scoops of fun, a dash of history, and a sprinkle of trivia. It’s not just a tour; it’s a delectable adventure that’ll leave you craving more.

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Vehicle: Festive Tuk Tuk

San Francisco Ice Cream Tasting Tour by Lucky Tuk Tuk

2.5 Hours
Umbrella Alley

Imagine zipping around San Francisco in a Colorful Tuk Tuk, your taste buds leading the way on an epic quest for the city’s most divine ice cream delights. Get ready for a scoop-tacular adventure filled with laughter, ice cream trivia, and tantalizing flavors that will leave your senses dancing with joy. It’s not just a tour; it’s a flavor-packed journey you won’t want to miss.

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Our Guests Rate Us 5 Stars

  • This was by far the BEST tour we have ever done! Edith, our Jeep tour guide, was absolutely amazing!!! Definitely made memories that will last a lifetime. My daughter who loves Jeeps had a permanent smile on her face the entire day. 

    M Attard
    Google Review
    Guests love us Google 5 star reviews
  • The SF Jeep Tour was awesome! Our guide on the fly customized our tour to my kid’s interests! It was awesome, they took great pics of us so we didn’t have to bother with it! So great, I highly recommend it!
    J Russell
    Google Review
    Guests love us Google 5 star reviews
  • This was by far the highlight of our trip to San Francisco. My husband and two kids 7 and 9 had the best time! If you do one tour in the city make it this one. I can’t say enough great things about the experience. Thank you Lucky Tuk Tuk for some great family memories!

    C Shariat
    Google Review
    Guests love us Google 5 star reviews
  • This Jeep Tour was so worth it. Our guide Al was super flexible and catered to our needs and preferences. I highly recommend it!

    H Patron
    Google Review
    Guests love us Google 5 star reviews
  • Lucky Tuk Tuk is the best and fun way to tour San Francisco. You get personal attention, and you make others happy by seeing your group ride around town in a colorful tuk-tuk.

    Cheryl B
    Google Review
    Guests love us Google 5 star reviews


Will I eat enough Ice Cream?

Absolutely! Our tasting sizes are designed to let you savor a wide variety of flavors and styles. If we served full-size cones or cups, you’d miss out on the adventure. We’re all about discovery, so get ready for some unconventional, mind-blowing flavors. Plain vanilla and chocolate lovers, beware – this tour is for the adventurous!

Can we choose the Ice Cream Stops?

Nope, that’s our job! We’ve scoured the city, taste-testing at all the coolest ice cream spots, and mingling with the quirkiest characters. Trust us, we’re the experts you came here for!

What if we have dietary restrictions?

Sorry, this tour isn’t a lactose intolerant’s dream. This tour is all about tasting, and about 75-85% of the items we’ve pre-selected are dairy-packed delights.

Be warned, there might also be nuts, bacon, and other non-dairy ingredients in the mix.

Unfortunately, vegetarian and gluten-free options are not a big part of this experience. To keep things on track and avoid endless lines, we order pints of ice cream in advance, so accommodating individual dietary restrictions can wreck the schedule.

Can we add in some San Francisco sightseeing?

Absolutely! We’re not just about ice cream – we’re your tour guides to the city’s gems. If you fancy a spin across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or a zigzag down the legendary Lombard Street (yes, the curviest one!), you can spice up your tour with an extra 30 minutes or a full hour. (additional upgrade charge)

Get your cameras ready for some picture-perfect sightseeing!

Do we get an itinerary/tasting list in advance?

Nah, we like to keep you in suspense! The tasting choices and stops are part of the adventure itself, so you’ll discover them as we go along. If you’re curious, though, check out our example flavors and the caliber of ice cream shops we visit for a sneak peek.

Can we mix and match the two routes?

Sorry, no mix-and-match magic here! Depending on the day, you’ll either dive into The Mission and Potrero Hill districts or explore The Fillmore and Lower Haight Districts. Our route is dictated by the operating day/hours of our chosen ice cream havens. But alas, we can’t blend these routes because these delightful parlors are sprinkled across the city like sweet surprises.

When should we book? Do you take last-minute bookings?

For our tours, we recommend booking at least a week in advance. Last-minute bookings might limit options when it comes to shops and tasting selections available. So, don’t delay, book your ice cream extravaganza early!

Where's the rendezvous point?

We’ll meet you at the whimsically named Umbrella Alley, 757 Beach Street in San Francisco, unless you’ve arranged for a fancy hotel pick-up (extra fee). But honestly, Umbrella Alley is where the magic begins!

Is gratuity included?

Nope, we don’t include gratuity. In the tourism world, it’s customary to tip around 15%-20%, which comes to approximately $20.00 per guest. You can think of it as a sweet way to show your appreciation.

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